Federal Firefighters, San Diego
I.A.F.F. Local F-33
  • September 24, 2021
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  • 2021 Trustee Elections
    Updated On: Mar 25, 2021

    Brothers & Sisters of I.A.F.F. Local F-33, 

    All three of our Trustee positions are up for election and we are looking for candidates to fill the positions for a 3-year term. The candidates must be Local F-33 members in good standing.  

    Nominations, elections, and Trustee duties are explained by our Constitution and Bylaws as follows: 

     Section 3.02: ‘The second regular meeting of each calendar year (March, 2021) nominations for Officers to be elected at the annual meeting shall be taken. The month following (April, 2021) a meeting shall be held and known as Annual Meeting; at such Annual Meeting Officers and Directors shall be elected.” 

    Section 5.02: Any voting member of the corporation is qualified to be an officer of the corporation. All officers of the corporation shall be elected at the annual meeting of the membership of the corporation held in years ending in an odd number, and each officer shall hold office until he resigns or is removed or is otherwise unqualified to serve, or until his successor shall be elected and qualified, whichever occurs first. The term of office of an officer shall be two years.  

    The Trustees of the corporation shall be elected in the same manner as the officers, as hereinabove and hereinafter provided, however, the term of office of a Trustee shall be three years. 

    Section 5.10: The Trustees shall serve on the Board of Directors as voting members of the Board of Directors and shall undertake such other duties as are delegated to them by the Board of Directors. 

    *Additional details on the election process will be announced by the Election Board* 

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