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Updated On: Aug 17, 2022

CPF 5th District Federal Leaders,

The CDC has made changes to its recommendations regarding COVID-19 two weeks ago.  I was waiting on the "trickle down", and here it is.  

The administration is now sending down guidance to no longer test unvaccinated people and employees.  It is also going to say employees exposed to COVID-19 will no longer be required to quarantine if they are A-SYMTOMATIC.  The guidance (keeping in line with government timelines) may take some time to trickle down to OPM, but it looks like it IS coming.

*****BE ADIVSED!!!!******
The Federal Worker Vaccination Mandate IS STILL IN EFFECT, although it is currently in "limbo" awaiting a court hearing.  The Federal Vaccination Mandate will (hopefully) be next to go away, but we don't know if or when that will occur.

Keep your people informed.  

This is a step in the right direction to protect our members facing potential adverse actions from their management.  If you have a good working relationship with your HR, you might want to pop in and see if they have heard anything yet from OPM.

Below is the link below that came out today.


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