San Diego Metro Fire & Emergency Services

Recent Retirees

*Dues for Retiree's: $6.00 a month or 72.00 for the Year*

Checks can be mailed to the Union Office:

Federal Firefighters, San Diego IAFF Local F-33
P.O. Box 131378 San Diego, CA 92136 

A Salute to Dedication, Service and Courage.

Brian Goforth (09/2017)

Gary Chiles (06/2017)

Paul Cashman (05/2017)

Daniel King (05/2017)

Thomas Squier (05/2017)

Ronald Hollander (03/2017)

Faith Branney (04/2017)

William White (03/2017)

Ron Hollander (03/2017)

Anthony Herrera (12/2016)

Scott Anderson (12/2016)

Scott Watson (12/2016)

Kelly McComb (8/2016)

Doug Richter (8/2016)

Kelly Wing (5/2016)

John Bates (4/2016)

Michael Chavarria (01/2016)

Lawrence Flinton (12/2015)

Richard Gonzalez (12/2015)

Anda Janik (11/2015)

William Cline (3/2015)

Robert Miranda (12/2014)

Joaquin Flores (12/2014)

Michael Fairfield (9/2014)

Tom Davis (9/2014)

David Lewis (8/2014)

Wendy Dowdy (6/2014)

Mark Kirchner (5/2014)

Kevin Fiske (04/2014)

Larena Penhall (12/2013)

Lars Beaghley (11/2013)

Robert Miranda (11/2013)

Robert McCleary (8/2013)

Tim Kanaski (7/2013)

Mike Henning (7/2013)

Mary Paulson (7/2013)

Marvin Bell (9/2012)

Stephen T Stenberg (2009)

David Poplowski

Dave Nichols

Steve Schilling

William McLeroy

Allan Clarkson (1978)

Donald Bigler

Mitch Sanders

Albert Leggs

Harold Mangum

Jeanie Gifford

Rey Campos

Chris Januszevisz

Ron Hernandez

John Nathaniel

Juan Reyna

Jesse Barragan

Keith Butler

Roberto Uribe

Marvin Bell

Mike Mulcahy

Robert Hill

William Burbank

John Prey

Kenneth Sheffield

Donald Clark

Dan Nagy

William Roy

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